The DungeonSports Coliseum – The finest venue for the violent arts in the Astral Plane or any other!

DungeonSports Coliseum is an all-combat Dungeons and Dragons 5e game. You’ll battle against my monsters with a motley crew of stalwart champions. We play on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am and 9pm Pacific (in GMT/UTC: Tuesday 5pm, Wednesday 6am, Thursday, 5pm and Friday 6am). Games last for about 3 hours.

Its free to play, although your support is appreciated. All you need is a computer, a discord account, and an internet connection! Our games are designed for drop-in play, meaning that you can attend whenever you’re available. Some of our players attend two sessions a week. Others only drop in now and then.

The next season is starting Tuesday 11/29/22. Come join our Discord, and we’ll get you in the game as soon as possible!

You can also check out previous games on Twitch and Youtube, in case you want to get a better sense of how our games work.

What awaits you in the new seasons of DungeonSports Coliseum

Archlich Voivoe Kohoutek
Archlich Voivode Kohoutek

Voivode Kohoutek, master of the DungeonSports Coliseum has had a rough run of things. He worships a time-twisting god of shame who has raised him to the lofty heights of managing an interdimensional blood sports venue, only to swipe away his mortal life, and see him deposed from his position.

This is where you come in. Voivode clawing his way back from whatever void he’s been dumped into, but that’s not really your problem. You’ll be up against the deadliest monsters from across the multiverse, from humble skeletons to aspects of Tiamat herself! You’ll earn gold to use in the DungeonMart. Our Arena Gnomes keep the shelves stocked with the fines of wares. Weapons from across the many planes of existence, and more than a few special items you won’t see anywhere else.

Living Ship Spellammer
A living ship, one of the many spelljamming vessels you may find yourself aboard during battles in the DungeonSports Coliseum

The battles will rage across terrains nearly unimaginable. If they were fully unimaginable, then I wouldn’t have been able to create them, so there’s that. The DungeonSports Coliseum features the Ancient Arena, a classic setting for gladiatorial battle that can be reconfigured to feature water, fire and different humanoid-made structures as set-pieces for bloody combat.

That’s not all though! What sort of fun would it be going from level 1 to level 20 in the confines of a stodgy old arena? Combat takes place everywhere on and off of the entire coliseum complex. Battle your way through the arena’s cisterns. Tear up the carpet in the Gentlebeing’s Club, and then fight your way across the petrified corpses of dead gods tumbling through the astral plane. You’ll fight your way across through the guts of gargantuan astral beasts, and pilot Spelljammers through wildspace.

While you’re waiting, you can learn more about our game’s code of conduct and rules.

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