If you’re going to be joining us in the DungeonSports Coliseum, or joining any game of the Virtual Table Top, you’re going to need a token to represent your character on the battlemap. Here are a few of our favorite DnD token makers.

DnD token makers combined to make a token for one of my PCs
A 2-Minute Tabltop token that a put a border on with Token Stamp 2.

Token Stamp 2

Token Stamp 2 lets you take an existing image, crop it down and put a nice border on it. As a DM, I have a strong preference for the official-looking token border, as it helps me see at a glance which things on the map are tokens. That said, token stamp lets you select custom colors and shapes for your token border.

You can use any image you like, but maybe you’d like something a little custom at the price point of free? 2-Minute Tabletop and Hero Forge can help you with that!

Art For Your DnD Token Maker

2-Minute Tabletop

2-Minute Tabletop Token Editor has thousands of tokens for D&D races that you can choose from. You can use their editor to change colors, and then if you feel like having a boarder, you already know where to get one.

Hero Forge

Deveau in 3D!

Hero Forge has a 3D character maker that is amazing. You can choose clothes, armor, weapons, hairstyle, etc. They’ll sell you an actual 3D printed version course, but you can also take a screen shot of it and use it on the virtual tabletop. You can also get the STL file for 3D printing at home, or a digital file of the token, if you’ve got a place to use it.

DnD Token Makers, Found!

Now that we’ve sorted that out, maybe check out how much gear for your character is going to cost at the Coliseum Market. Or maybe you’d rather peruse some of the best creatures to get killed by?

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