Dominus Sanguinis, The new Master of the DungeonSports Coliseum.
His Holiness, Dominus Sanguinis

I am writing to you on behalf of Their Holiness Dominus Sanguinis, the new master of the DungeonSports Coliseum. I understand that many of you came here for the specific purpose of fighting in Voivode Kohoutek’s games. My master has exhorted me to assure you that the games will be even better under his control. Far better, even, than they were under the tired, dusty old lich that Voivode had become.

We are likely to see a few changes in the way games are run. As a god of bloodshed, the Dominus will likely want to see even more violence in the Arena. I encourage you to prepare yourself for their Holiness to experiment with formula a bit in the Coliseum.

Getting to Know Dominus Sanguinis

The Dominus coalesced in the astral plane, a seed of pure bloodlust planted by the fiery destruction of Krynn during the Catastrophe. Fortunately for the Dominus, your many Material Planes are no stranger to bloodshed, and many conflicts have fed him, growing him from a just a tiny flicker of the divine into a full-blown god. A much closer source of sustenance then attracted their attention, the DungeonSport Coliseum.

Sanguinis will, “drink blood and chaos from the coliseum like a bowl of hot blood”. Their words, not mine. The Dominus is a god of slaughter, not wordsmthiting. I wouldn’t expect to hear a lot from them other than shouts. I feel comfortable saying this here because they won’t have read this far. Not a god of patience or reading ether. Anyways, good luck. Try not to die out there. The Dominus says there only one way out of the Coliseum now: as a corpse.

The Dominus forcefully suggests that you learn more about how to price magical items from the Arena Gnomes at the Coliseum Market, and maybe learn about how to make a token for yourself. Or, maybe head over to Amazon and buy some cool stuff and support the DungeonSports Coliseum. For the Dominus!

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