A Giff
M’Ilan Tusk, New CEO of the DungeonSports Coliseum, as envisioned by Dall-e.

Greetings, I am M’Ilan Tusk, Giff Adventure Capitalist and new CEO of the DungeonSports Coliseum. After Voivode’s embarrassing, and in most universes, fatal defeat in his squalid little monster dungeon, I’ve taken over ownership. From now on, we’ll be referring to this place as “X”.

In the short term, I think you’ll find that this place still provides the same cutting edge combat action with a lot less needless regulation. Over the long term, we’ll have everybeing in the multiverse using us a a one-stop payments solution, and as a place to find dates from across the infinite planes of reality.

You may also notice a change in staffing. Gone are the loathsome Arena Gnomes of days past. They will be replaced with proud Giff employees. Giff are at least 75% more reliable than the average Arena Gnome. Most of them are related to me by blood, so you can be sure they are loyal to a fault. This is also necessary because the last few Arena Gnomes have refused to stop standing around on the outside of their step pyramid, smoking cigarettes and shooting everyone “the bird”.

Also over the short term, we will begin to strip-mine meat from the Astral Shieldbeast. Shieldbeast meat is incredibly valuable across the multiverse. Our Giff engineers project that up to 50% of the meat of the Shieldbeast can be harvested without killing it. Trust me. My family made its fortune treating sentient beings like meat. I’m an expert.

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