Illithid Nautilus Ship
Illithid Nautilus Ship

Look, we all know illithids, sometimes derogatorily referred to as “mind flayers” have a bad reputation. Recently, we’ve seen a massive increase in illithid Nautilus Ship activity in the wildspace around the Coliseum. Consequently I, your beloved Voivode Kohoutek, would like to reassure you that there is no need for concern. Rest assured; we have ample supplies of brains available to feed our new guests. Furthermore, we have opened diplomatic channels with the hive mind that these vessels represent.

This mind, which calls itself “The Flayer of Worlds” (I think they’re trying to reclaim that word for themselves), has expressed its interest in becoming a part of the Coliseum community. To that end, it has appointed a representative to the Coliseum, Elton Crane. Over the past few days, Mx. Crane and I have had ample opportunity to discuss their role here in the Coliseum. I’m also happy to report that Elton has only attempted to “Mind Blast” me a few times over the past few hours. Such tremendous restraint! Truly and honor. Elton Crane will also work as an Arena Master. I imagine you will find the way it runs combat…stunning.

A very old illithid
Artist’ rendering of an elder brain, MPMM p. 120

Illithids in the Streets, Freaks in the Sheets?

That’s a joke. The illithid reproduce asexually, by inserting cute little tadpoles into your brain.

Back to the point I was making:

Over the next few days and weeks, you will notice an increased illithid presence in the facilities and byways of the Coliseum Complex. They will begin the construction of their own district on the back of the shieldbeast soon. Likely near Asmodeus Tower, as the illithid share a similar philosophical outlook with the denizens of the nine hells.

I encourage you to interact carefully with our new guests. Especially if you have meat for brains. Please resist the urge to call them “Mind Flayers”, either out of habit, or as a slur. As always, all are welcome at the Dungeonsports Coliseum. Most importantly, mind your p’s and q’s and leave keeping the public spaces of the complex safe and secure up to me and my security forces. Save the fighting for the arena.

If you’re worried about the illithid check out my Hotlist. You’ll find a lot more scary things there.


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