Since publishing this article, I’ve begun work on 5e Stat Blocks for Fourth Wing dragons. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

As I wrote in my previous article, the dragons of Fourth Wing are a key component of the setting.  There are more than a few similarities between D&D dragons and those from the book. Flight, leg count, breath weapon, frightful presence, tail attacks are pretty much all there.  So what does distinguish them?

Dragons of Fourth Wing
I asked Bing Copilot for a dragon with a blade-tipped tail, but the dragon seems to be holding the sword instead…

Dragon Colors and Tails

In D&D, color is connected to breath weapon type for most dragons.  Chromatic, metallic and gem dragons have breath weapons that correspond to their colors.  In Fourth Wing, the dragons colors are less distinctive.  All of these dragons breath fire.  The colors indicate temperamental differences. Here’s my best stab at what the colors mean and how to apply that to the dragons stat block.

Dragon ColorNotesImplementation
BlueRuthless and Large, should not be approachedChaotic, Powerful Build, Higher CON score, tail attack as reation
BlackIntelligent, very rareLawful,  Higher Int Score, Magic Resistance
RedShort temperedChaotic, Faster Breath Weapon Recharge
OrangeUnpredictablleChaotic, Wreckless, Dex Saves
GreenReasonable, intelligentLawful, Advantage on attacks against sstructures,  Higher INT/WIS.
BrownShould not be shown fearNeutral, higher Save DC for frightful presence attack as a reaction on failed save.

The other big difference for the dragons in fourth wing is the tail weapon.  Pretty much all D&D dragons have the same tail. There are a lot of tails in Fourth Wing, although we don’t get a lot of insight on the differences between the tails.  I’m going to use the adult red dragon as the basis for these stat blocks. For reference, their tail attack is 2d8 + modifiers. I’m going to beef that up a little bit, as the book focuses on the importance of their tails.  Here’s the rundown and my first pass at implementation.

Mornigstartail1d10 Bludgeoning, 1d12 Bludgeoning and Piercing, Seige Monster
Clubtail2d10 Bludgeoning, Siege Monster
Daggerfail4d6 Slashing
Swordtail2d12 Slashing reach additional 5ft reach
Scorpion Tail1d12 Piecing 1d6 Poison, CON save for poisoned condition.

Of course, all this still leaves the bond, telepathy and an few other issues to deal with…but we’ll get there!

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