You might just find some Arena Gnomes in the Engine Room.
An Arena Gnome, viewed at low resolution.

The DungeonSports Coliseum glides through the Astral Plane propelled by purely mechanical means. The six engines that drive Astral Shieldbeast are contained in two separate engine rooms. The two sets of engines are arranged perpendicularly to allow the slow-moving Coliseum as many degrees of freedom as possible. All of the engines are powered by a primary and a secondary reactor. Both reactors are adjacent to the engine rooms.

The two engine rooms and two reactor chambers have blast doors that can be sealed from the control chamber at the center of the area. Only the Arena Gnomes know how to operate the controls. They are able to seal off the various chambers containing the engines and reactors. Engines can be shut down from here as well. The steering of the Astral Shieldbeast is under Voivode’s exclusive control. Or at least that’s what he believes….

The Engine Rooms Map

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