The Dungeonsports Coliseum Complex

The Dungeonsports Coliseum complex rides atop the back of an Astral Shieldbeast. Such a rare and splendid being, the Shieldbeast! We only hollowed out part of it to build the Coliseum. Hence, the rest of it is mostly still alive.

This arena, the premier venue for arena combat on this plane or any other, uses it’s position in the Astral Plane, adjacent to all other planes of existence to ensure a steady supply of bizarre monsters and brazen contestants.

The Coliseum Complex also features a broad variety of attractions and amenities, including a lightning rail, a gentlebeings club, ample supplies of fresh water, and rapid transit to most other planes of existence. Whether you want to mix it up with some of the nastiest beings known to anywhere, or just lounge in the Coliseum bath house, the Dungeonsports Coliseum Complex has what you’re looking for.

You’re Invited!

Voivode Kohoutek the master of the coliseum, cordially invites you to come and enjoy a cruise through the stars and sample the ample concessions and comfortable accommodations that the Complex has on offer. Very few centaur contestants have ever been given a stable next to mundane horses as quarters. Why would you expected to be treated any worse?

The answer is, you wouldn’t, because Voivode has standards to maintain or the goddess Verasundia will strip him of every last blessing she ever bestowed upon him. Assuredly, he would never allow that. But all of that is beside the point really. Come on out. Stay in a room with a panoramic view of the Astral Plane. Don’t stare too long, or it will suck the soul right out of your eyes!

No I mean really, it’s good! If you become a contestant, you’ll enjoy all the amenities of the Coliseum. This includes access to magical artifacts from across the planes. Why, just a few days back, the Arena Gnomes sold one of our contestants a Sword of Answering. And at a very reasonable price I might add! Only nine of them in all the planes, and we had one just tucked up on a shelf!

How do you get to the Dungeonsports Coliseum Complex?

Firstly, come and join the spectators in the stands on twitch. From there, you can learn how to make your way from the stands to the sands of the Coliseum!

Undoubtedly, you wonder, “What are the stakes?” Well. we absolutely guarantee gold and fame (fantasy that is, not IRL). In return, all you need to know is that a failed (i.e. dead) contestant’s soul will forever belong to the Coliseum.

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