Humblewood Campaign Setting is the latest bit of partnered content for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. The Titular Humblewood is a location in world of Everdeen. It is populated by forest creatures, birdfolk and humblefolk. The birdfolk are what you’d expect. The humblefolk are the ground-dwellers of the forest, including mice, raccoons and foxes.

Art from the humblewood campaig setting.
Art from the Humblewood Campaign Setting

One thing I can say for the campaign setting is that I do love the art, especially the lineups that show the various playable races. It’s a nice change and brings a slightly more whimsical sense than a lot of other D&D art does.

The cobblefright from HWCS.

I’m still busy looking through the Humblewood Campaign setting, but it seems like there is a lot to work with here. Along with the new playable races, you get a full adventure, new spells and monsters, and some other new character options. Of course, as perma-DM by choice, I’m most interested in those monsters.

Humblewood Campaign Setting Monsters

The adventure included is for PCs level 1-5. Sadly, this content won’t be feeding my need for higher-level monsters. Ther is one I really like so far, the cobblefright. These undead abominations are “cobbled” together from the bones of several different birdfolk, giving them an unsettling assortment of bony body parts. I could highlight a few other monsters from the campaign that are also great, but I don’t want to accidentally give any spoilers.

I’m hopeful to see a lot of new forest creatures in the DungeonSports Coliseum next season, based upon the new playable races in this content. The Coliseum is a pretty diverse place already, but this will infuse a new flavor into the PCs. I think these new options will be very welcome for my players.

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