The DungeonSports Teleportarium is the gateway to our fair Coliseum Complex. Through it flow the contestants and spectators of endless worlds. I’m proud to announce that the conjurers at the Teleportarium are finalizing the creation of a high-capacity teleportation circle that will service Krynn, bringing the heroes (e.g. Lord Soth) and villains (like the vile kender) of that land to the arena. Furthermore, I’m hopeful that this Takhisis of Krynn isn’t just another of the many faces of Tiamat. Your Voivode needs a new friend. Also maybe some Dragonlances; lances to use on dragons.

Krynn is fortunate to be the home of some great Death Knights
Is that you, Soth?

Based upon preliminary intelligence we have (what some people would call “Unearthed Arcana“, we have some ideas on what to expect from our new friends in Krynn. They have a special type of halfling they call “kender”, which are reported to have issues with kleptomania. Our intelligence says that these creatures have a casual disregard for their own safety. This leads them to fall through magic portals into dangerous places. I’m not sure how this place isn’t already crawling with them already. Consequently, if you don’t already lock the door to your room in the dormitory, maybe make it a habit. The Arena takes no responsibility for items removed from your possession by short things.

Sorcerers will be able to learn to harness the magic of the moon. The phases of the moon will affect how they use their magics. Indeed, we don’t have a moon here at the DungeonSport Coliseum, yet. I’ve put the necessary paperwork in with the gnomes, and I’m excited to see what they come up with. I have specified, additionally, that the moon should serve as an arena for combat as well.

Knights and Mages of Krynn

While we prefer our knights undead, we expect to see more than a few Knights of Solamania visit as well. They tend to be distressingly alive. These knights have advanced training in mounted combat and supporting allies. I expect to see their support use to great advantage against my monstrous hordes. Maybe they also use the dragonlances?

The mages of Krynn often like to foolishly announce the nature of their arcane skill by wearing particular colors of robe. The Black Robes tend to be the bad kids, practicing their necromancy and using their hit dice to hurt others. The Red Robes are, by comparison, a bunch of balance-lords, turning bad luck into average luck. Of course, there also have to be the good kids in their White Robes, going around helping everyone. Lastly, we’ll keeping an eye out for any novel spells these mages and lunar sorcerers bring with them.

Ok, we’re done here. If those kender steal your arcane trinkets, look here to see how much it will cost to replace those magical items. Or, if you’re interested in knowing how I plan to manage the kender population check out these monsters. They should be more than up to the task.

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