The latest One D&D playtest release covers a good bit of content.  We get seven classes with subclasses.  Two of the subclasses are new, College of Dance for bards, and Circle of the Sea for Druids.  The spell lists have been revised, and we get some class appropriate feats.  There is also a revised version of the weapon table and Weapon Mastery options.  Let’s look at one of those new subclasses first.

College of Dance Bard

Bards of the College of Dance know that the Words of Creation can’t be contained within speech or even song; they are uttered by the movements of celestial bodies and flow through the motions of even the smallest creatures. To these Bards, dance is art freed from the constraints of a single point in space and time; it is meaning unconfined by narrow definitions of words and structures of grammar. The College of Dance practices a way of being in harmony with the ever-whirling cosmos, emphasizing agility, speed, and grace. 

Playtest 6 page 5
I asked Bing to draw me a picture of a medieval dancer for this article.

College of Dance Bards get some really interesting abilities.  They get unarmored defense and Agile Strikes at level 3.  Agile strikes allows the character to make an unamred strike when they use bardic inspiration.  Additionally, Bardic Damage lets you use Dexterity for those attacks, and you deal bludgeoning damage equal to your Bardic Inspiration die plus your Dex mod.  Along with all that the College of Dance Bard can use a reaction to move half their speed when a nearby ally is attacked.  They then roll the Bardic Inspiration Die and the ally may move 5 times the number rolled in feet.  Neither is subject to Opportunity Attacks

At Level 6, Leading Evasion lets you take half damage on failed Dexterity saving throws, and none on a successful save. You’ve probably seen that language before. What makes this different is that you can apply the benefits of this ability to creatures within 5ft of you.  You also get Tandem Footwork, which lets you roll a Bardic Inspiration die and apply the benefit to creatuers within 60 feet of you.

Lastly at 14th level, you get Irresistable Dance.  This ability lets you have Otto’s Irresistable Dance prepared for free.  You can cast it once a day without expending a spell slot. Additionally, you can restore your use by expending a Bardic Inspiration.]

I’ll come back with more on this playtest for soon. For now you can check out my other playtest articles.

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