What is Dungeonsports Coliseum?

Dungeonsports Coliseum is a regularly scheduled Dungeons and Dragons 5e game and show on Twitch and other streaming platforms. I started the game and stream with the intention of creating a game that people could drop in and out of as there schedules permitted. As a result, I roll combat encounters randomly based on the number of players. This allows us to play a game if one person shows up, or if 8 do, without me as the DM having to scrap a bunch of planning. Because of this, we can keep the action going with as little downtime as possible.

The focus of these games is on combat. That said, a fair amount of really great roleplaying still happens as players describe there actions and interactions in the arena. Over the past few seasons, the Coliseum has been home to so many beloved champions. Some fought valiantly and won, while others died a glorious death for your entertainment. Either way, the players have a good time.

For the Fans!

For our viewers, I strive to provide an interactive experience unmatched by other D&D streams. From the stands you can call down fireballs and other hazards. You can throw a rock at your least favorite combatant, or your friend, if that’s how you do you friends. You can even find a way to join or Discord server and do some time in the Coliseum yourself. And that’s just that start!

Voivode Kohoutek, the master of the Dungeonsports Coliseum, needs combatants to fight and die in the arena. I have different goals as the DM. I want to foster a friendly environment. A place where my players can come and take a break from reality and bust a few monster heads. Everyone is welcome as long as they can play nicely with others. Give us a follow on twitch, and learn how you could play in the Coliseum too!

Here is a link to the rules and code of conduct. If you want to know more about the Coliseum and my other projects, check out my blog.

Goddess of Shame: Verasundia

A portrait of Veradundia, Goddess of shame.
Verasundia as the Red-Eyed Lady

Names and Titles

  • Verasis
  • The Red-Eyed Lady
  • The Denier of Rest
  • The Poisoner of Victory
  • The Eye that Judges

Divine Domains

Verasundia is goddess of shame, punishement and suffering.

The Red-Eyed Lady and the Coliseum

Verasundia is the patron deity of the Coliseum. Her icon, the eye, is visible in every single arena in the Coliseum complex. You just have to know where to look. Foremost is the eye-shaped lake in Voivode’s Arena. The empty eye sockets of a dragon skull, or the eyes of a statue serve her just as well. Her judging eye sees all that happens in the arena, and find it lacking. Every being in the Coliseum hears her whispers in their mind.

Voivode Kohoutek has nursed a secret shame for most of his life. Indeed, it stalked him through his training as a wizard. It has haunted him as he approached the apex of his power, leaving every victory and achievement hollow. Verasundia shadowed him for his entire life

Verasundia spoke to Voivode in his dreams. He could never escape the shame, but if he’d allow her to deepen it into a well to feed from, she would make him great. She gave him the seeds of the complex when he submitted himself to her eternally.

Verasundia’s Astral Shieldbeast, tumbling in and out of the astral plane, visits every other know plane of existence. She gave it to Voivode as a base of operations. She also connected him to a host of devils, enabling him to secure the resources he needed to build the coliseum. Without a doubt, the price he had to pay to those devils only deepened his connection to Verasundia.

Time Sweetens the Shame and Deepens the Suffering

She didn’t promise him glory, just power. He would battle his contestants in the Coliseum with everything he had, but he was bound by her rules. The contestants always had to have a fair chance at victory. Thus, Voivode has to sit and watch as they tore apart the wonderful beasts he collected from across the planes to defeat them. Every defeat shames him and feeds her. Should the contestants be defeated, she gets her taste of their shame and suffering instead.

The time-loop that bind the Coliseum complex is also her creation. The Complex itself moves normally through time and space, but Voivode and the rest of the living inhabitants experience each season of combat as though it were the first. The glamour of Verasundia blinds Voivode to all the changes and improvements that accrue to the complex over time.

Come join us in the Dungeonsports Coliseum on Twitch. Verasundia doesn’t crave your defeat, but she’ll take it all the same.

Fire Arena

The Fire Arena Map
The Fire Arena, tread with care!

Arena Dimensions:

Length: 135 feet / Width: 90 feet / Height: 60 feet


Voivode’s Arena, but with 100% more fire coating the floor.


Entrances to the arena are at the north and south.  A giant turtle shell and a dragon skull act as stationary platforms to the west and east respectively.


The central platform in the arena iss made up of individual circular platform.  These platforms are pressure sensitive and seek beneath the fire when weight is put on them and then removed.  The flaming floor deals damage to anyone who steps on it or starts there turn in it.

Art Credits

Cze and Peku

Voivode’s Arena

Arena Dimensions:

Length: 135 feet / Width: 90 feet / Height: 60 feet


This is an Arena.  There are many like it but this was Voivode’s first, and it holds a special place in his heart.  It bears the scars of seasons past. Also known as the Standard Arena.


This arena has entries on the east and west, and a elevator in the center for entry.  It is littered with ruined building, rubble and bones for cover.  An eye shaped lake on the south end of the arena can also act as an entry for aquatic monsters.



Art Credits:

Arena Map – Cze and Peku

Welcome to the Arena

Hello, I’m Voivode, a deranged (others have said it, and I agree) wizard with a giant extra-planar coliseum. When the entrance drops into your part of the planes, why don’t you come on in and join us for a fight or two?