Voivode’s Arena

Arena Dimensions:

Length: 135 feet / Width: 90 feet / Height: 60 feet


This is an Arena.  There are many like it but this was Voivode’s first, and it holds a special place in his heart.  It bears the scars of seasons past. Also known as the Standard Arena.


This arena has entries on the east and west, and a elevator in the center for entry.  It is littered with ruined building, rubble and bones for cover.  An eye shaped lake on the south end of the arena can also act as an entry for aquatic monsters.



Art Credits:

Arena Map – Cze and Peku

Welcome to the Arena

Hello, I’m Voivode, a deranged (others have said it, and I agree) wizard with a giant extra-planar coliseum. When the entrance drops into your part of the planes, why don’t you come on in and join us for a fight or two?