Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse just became available in early digital release from D&D Beyond. I’ve been anticipating this release since it was announced, as the multiverse is a big part of the DungeonSports Coliseum and is sort of my bread and butter. Additionally, I’ve always been enthralled by the idea of Carceri, the prison plane, and have set adventures there as well. I’m hopeful I may be restarting that campaign as my schedule has opened up a bit. Carceri is said to be the prototype of all prisons in the D&D multiverse, and althought I’ve done my own work fleshing out the realm, I’m excited to have some new content to help guide my work. Here’s a few things to look forward to in Planescape:

Planescape, Lady of Pain
The Lady of Pain, Ruler of Sigil

Sigil and The Lady of Pain

Well, we get introduced to the 5e version of Sigil:

Sigil simultaneously exists at the center of the Great Wheel and nowhere. In the middle of the Outlands, an impossibly tall needle of a mountain, the Spire, rises into the sky. Sigil floats above the apex of the Spire, barely visible from the ground, constructed on the inside of a massive stone torus. Attempts to ascend to the city by climbing or flight are futile, as are efforts to reach the top of the Spire.

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse

This enormous city is ruled by the Lady of Pain. This is an enigmatic godlike being that can be seen floating around the city. Although her rule is absolute, worship of her is anathema. Those who chose to do so are imprisoned in the Mazes. These are demiplanar cages she has created to incarcerate those who would threaten Sigil.

Planescape Time Dragon


I’m always excited to be able to field a new type of dragon. They’re in the name of the game, after all. The Time Dragon’s stat blocks look a good bit different from your regular dragon’s stat blocks. For one thing, there are no bit or claw attacks. They use “Rend” three times on their multiattack. These are slashing and force damage, so I would still flavor them as claw attacks, unlike the telekinetic rend of draconic shards.

Their breath weapon is “Time Breath. It deals force damage and imposes other negative effects on a failed save. These negative effects can be exacerbated by specific legendary actions that the adult and ancient version of this dragon have. As with all dragons, the ACs are lower than I’d prefer, but it looks like it will play differently than any of the exisiting dragon types. Change is good.

Curst and the Carceri in Planescape

Along with the city of Sigil, Planescape provides details for The Outlands, a “plane of concodrant opposition.” I’m not sure I could tell you what that means. Actually, I’m pretty sure I can’t. This plane is populated with Gate Towns. Each of these towns has a gate linking it to one of the outer planes. The link to the plane suffuses the town with the nature of the plane.

I’ve long had a fascination with Carceri, the prison plane. According to the DMG, Carceri is the prototype for all prisons in the multiverse. There are hidden exits, but they are carefully guarded. Otherwise, only a wish spell can free players from Carceri. I had a long-running campaign I set there in the past, and I’m hopeful to return there soon, armed with some new critters and more information about the denizens of the plane.

I’m going to keep diving into Planescape in further articles. For now, why not check out these nice stat blocks I made for you? Or maybe you need some suggested prices for Planescape items?

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