Rudolph Van Richten Stat block
Is that you, Rudolph? Rictavio art from Curse of Strahd.

When I first started looking for a Rudolph van Richten stat block I couldn’t find one. Surely there must be a stat block for the monster hunter and author of Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft? I thought he was going to be a like so many other characters in fifth edition. That is, mentioned, but not stat blocked. It turns out I was wrong about Rudolph. He’s here. It just so happens that he’s in disguise., Rudolph van Richten Stat Block

Rudolph van Richten is an expert monster hunter, but maybe not the best a picking Aliases. That’s how he ended up going by the name “Rictavio”, a ruse only the most guileless of Vistani failed to see through. Rudolph his pretending to be a cirucs ringmaseter on the hunt for new acts. Those new acts better be pretty tough if he wants to make his dream of killing Strahd von Zarovich come true.

His stat block can be found in Curse of Strahd. Rictavio’s stat block is interesting, though weighing in at a CR 5, he wouldn’t stand much of a chance head-to-head against Strahd. Strahd’s a CR 15. Van richten does have one cool trick up his sleeve though. He’s got the Undead Slayer ability. this causes him to deal 3d6 of extra damage to undead creatures when he hits them with a weapon attack. His weapon is a silvered sword hidden in a cane. That’s gonna leave a mark on Strahd, but it’s definitely enough to even the score.

Let’s hope that Van Ricthen finds some stalwart allies. He’s gonna need good friends and good luck if he’s going to get in a scrape with Strahd and come out on top. You should get some friends together and go help him out.

Now that we’ve found Van Richten, you can find some other great stat blocks here.

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