Spelljammer Goodness!

I just got my copy of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. Let me tell you now, if you like real physics, how D&D space works is going to make you a little sad inside. My best advice is to get over it and enjoy the bizarre fantasy action these rules provide you with. Here’s a couple key points of interest that will make for some very fun encounters:

Spelljammer Air Envelopes

Page 18 of the Astral Adventurer’s Guide covers how air envelopes work around an object or vessel. One key takeaway from this section is that the air envelopes mix. The rules listed for fresh air, foul air and deadly air look to me like a starting point. Fresh air is good, foul air poisons you, and deadly air put suffocation rules into effect. But why stop there? I can dream up all sort of exotic effects that could occur when the air of your vessel is polluted by the air of an alien planet, creature or ship. I’m sure beholders and mind flayers like to breath all sorts of weird crap that would really mess up your favorite band of adventurers.

Gravity Planes

Moving on to page 19, we get information on how gravity works for vessels. One of the most interesting things here is how the gravity fields of two separate ships interact when they touch. The ship with the most hit points wins and imposes its field of gravity on the vessel with the least. So, if you T-bone a smaller ship from the bottom, that vessels plane of gravity is suddenly perpendicular to what the crew was experiencing prior to the collision. That could make things interesting, yeah?

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