I’ve created a list of all the demons in the Lesser Key of Solomon. This book is a work of demonology from the 16th century. Many fictional works draw inspiration from this book (which I also regard as fictional).

Bael as depicted in D&D 5e.
Bael as depicted in D&D 5e…
Bael as depicted in the  Lesser Key of Solomon.
…and Bael as depicted in the Lesser Key of Solomon.

Demons of the Lesser Key of Solomon:

Fiend5e Stat Block
1. King BaelYes
2. Duke AgaresNo
3. Prince VassagoNo
4. Marquis SamiginaNo
5. President MarbasNo
6. Duke ValeforNo
7. Marquis AmonNo
8. Duke BarbatosNo
9. King PaimonNo
10. President BuerYes
11. Duke GusionNo
12. Prince SitriNo
13. King BelethNo
14. Marquis LerajeNo
15. Duke EligosNo
16. Duke ZeparNo
17. Count/President BotisNo
18. Duke BathinNo
19. Duke SallosNo
20. King PursonNo
21. Count/President MoraxYes
22. Count/Prince IposNo
23. Duke AimNo
24. Marquis NaberiusNo
25. Count/President Glasya-LabolasYes
26. Duke BunéNo
27. Marquis/Count RonovéNo
28. Duke BerithNo
29. Duke AstarothNo
30. Marquis ForneusNo
31. President ForasNo
32. King AsmodeusYes
33. Prince/President GäapNo
34. Count FurfurNo
35. Marquis MarchosiasNo
36. Prince StolasNo
37. Marquis PhenexNo
38. Count HalphasNo
39. President MalphasNo
40. Count RäumNo
41. Duke FocalorNo
42. Duke VeparNo
43. Marquis SabnockNo
44. Marquis ShaxNo
45. King/Count VinéNo
46. Count BifronsNo
47. Duke VualNo
48. President HaagentiNo
49. Duke CrocellNo
50. Knight FurcasNo
51. King BalamNo
52. Duke AllocesNo
53. President CaimNo
54. Duke/Count MurmurNo
55. Prince OrobasNo
56. Duke GremoryNo
57. President OseNo
58. President AmyNo
59. Marquis OriasNo
60. Duke VapulaNo
61. King/President ZaganNo
62. President ValacNo
63. Marquis AndrasNo
64. Duke FlaurosNo
65. Marquis AndrealphusNo
66. Marquis KimarisNo
67. Duke AmdusiasNo
68. King BelialYes
69. Marquis DecarabiaNo
70. Prince SeereNo
71. Duke DantalionNo
72. Count AndromaliusNo

Plans for the Future

I’m going to be working slowly on creating stat blocks for the rest of these characters. As I create them I’ll link back to them here. There are corresponding angels for each of these fiends, and I’d like to go through them as well. You can find my previous article on the archfiends of D&D here.

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