The Mortuary's leader, lich Faktol Skall.
Factol Skall, current and only leader of the Heralds of Dust.

The Mortuary is a new supplement available on D&D beyond that extends the Planescape campaign setting. You get 5 new maps, 3 new monsters, 4 encounters and a good bit of lore for your coin. Here’s a bit of flavor from the module

A sinister jumble of sepulchral towers claws above the Hive Ward. Low, menacing domes adorn the structure’s heights, and branchlike walkways wind around its towers. Unending trails of foul-smelling smoke waft from the structure.

Fog gathers at the structure’s base, partially obscuring the countless tombs that surround it. Somber and shadowy, the monument evokes a hand clawing up from the grave with fingers splayed.

Adventure Atlas: The Mortuary

The Mortuary is Sigil’s aprawling necropolis. It is the one stop shop for disposing of the dearly departed, and it is mostly staffed by the undead. Faktol Skall is the ancient lich in charge of the whole place. You also get stat blocks for animated coffins and an exorcist NPC. The whole thing has pretty strong Warhammer 40K Necron vibes, but in a good way.

The maps that come with this supplement look great. Corpse Shipping and Receiving gives you a way to slip into the mortuary with the dead. In the Spirit Sump, you can see the mechanism for removing the souls of the dead from this otherwise enclosed plane. The Nevervault houses creatures that should be dead but aren’t. You can also visit Factol Skall’s Orrery of Souls where he tries to unravel the secrets of the True Death. He sounds like a bit of a bummer… Lastly you get the Path of Graves, a collection of portals to important burial places and elemental crematoria across the multiverse.

That’s a quick look at The Mortuary. Maybe check out some of my ideas for running your D&D game next?


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