Time Dragon art
Time Dragon art from Morte’s Planar Parade, Part of the Planescape box set.

Time Dragons in Morte’s Planar Parade from Planescape: Adventure in the Multiverse are the best in the book, and one of my favorites in the game. These dragons offer a different take on dragon mechanics. Just like the gem dragons from Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, they have abilities that make them play very differently from the chromatic and metallic dragons from the original monster manual.

Of course they have a breath weapon. Time breath, in this instance, which deals force damage in a cone. On a failed Constitution save, not only does the target take full damage, it becomes desynchronized from the time stream, with increasingly negative effects resulting depending on the creature’s age. The breath of a wyrmling just gives attackers against the target advantage. By the time this dragon is ancient, it also poisons the target, and gives anything attacked by the target resistance to its attacks.

Time Dragon Reactions

Adult and Ancient Time dragons are written differently than other dragons in 5th edition. They no longer have Legendary Actions, which allow them to act arbitrarily outside of their turns. Instead, they have reactions, which accomplish some of the same things. They also are written to allow the dragon to respond directly to player actions. These dragons can teleport away when they are hit. Alternatively, they canimpose debuffs on creatures that are under the effect of their time breath. Lastly, they can attack when they use Legendary Resistance.

Talkin’ ’bout Time Dergens!

Time Gate

Ancient Dragons can create a time gate that allows travel to a point 8000 years in the past or future. They also reappear as an egg on a random plane of existence if they are killed. In somewhere between 1 and 100 years they hatch. If you in need a big monster that keeps coming after your players, this is a great option for your game.

Now that we’ve taken a look at time dragons, how about some other great monsters to add to your game?

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