The Top 10 Spells for Sorcerers list doesn’t differ from the list for wizards. I’ve seen a lot of Sorcerers in the DungeonSports Coliseum. Lots of metamagic.  There are some spells that always end up on the list. They may not be flashy or surprising, but a sorcerer is likely to regret not having them if they get into a scrape. A few of the spells do benefit directly from the sorcerer’s metamagic abilities.

SpellSpell LevelSource
Slow3Player’s Handbook
Greater Invisibility1Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos
Blink4Player’s Handbook
Silvery Barbs3Player’s Handbook
Counterspell3Player’s Handbook
Shield1Player’s Handbook
Banishment4Player’s Handbook
Raulothim’s Psychic Lance4Player’s Handbook
Meteor Swarm9Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons
Wish9Player’s Handbook
Top 10 Spells for Wizards
I asked Bing Copilot to make me an image of the 10 best spells. My favorite spell is “teanfortion”.

Top 10 Spells for Sorcerers Explained:


Slow is a great spell that is often overlooked by players.  What makes it great is that it shuts down a creature’s multiattack. For anything but your most basic monsters, this slashes damage output to a trickle.  On top of the -2 to AC, halved movement speed and removal of reactions, you’ve got a busted combatant.  And all this happens to up to six creatures in a 40-foot cube.  Nasty business.

Greater Invisibility

Invisibility is great, and greater invisibility is even better.  Casting spells and attacking doesn’t break the invisibility anymore. Hard not to love.

Blink gives you odds slightly better than a coin toss of not being around on anyone else’s turn.  It’s hard to get your glass cannon shattered if you’re on the ethereal plane.  Very few creatures are going to be able to get to the ethereal plane to hurt you.  The bad news is you won’t be able to help your friends with your reactions.  That’s sorta their problem though.

Silvery Barbs

First level spell slots giving your save throw-based spells a second chance to work?  You’re gonna want that , especially for those save or suck spells, like slow above.


The ability to stop spells before they happen is clutch for a wizard.  Nobody else can do it.


A +5 bonus to your AC whenever you need it that lasts until you next turn is huge.


The ability to put one combatant out of combat for up to a minute is huge.  Even more so if the creature is another plane, and they get sent back home.  That is, of course, the ideal.  That said, just putting one enemy out of combat for even a turn shifts the math of combat in your favor bigtime.

Raulothim’s Psychic Lance

A bucket of psychic damage plus incapacitation is huge.  Especially for a fourth level spell slot.  Incapacitation is not as good as stun, but I can think of only three creatures that are immune to it.

Meteor Swarm

Nothing else on the spell list can deal as much damage to an individual target, let alone to to 4 areas with 40 foot radii.  This thing is a beast. With the sorcerer’s Transmuted Spell metamagic, you can swap out that fire damage for thunder, which a lot fewer creatures are immune to.


Wish lets you do pretty much whatever you want.  If that’s something more than casting a spell 8th level or lower, then there’s a pretty hefty price to be paid. Then there’s the matter of making sure you phrase your wish thoughtfully so the DM can’t damn you with the details.  Even with all that, casting wish is just plain awesome.

On Metamagic

Heightened Spell Metamagic can help your slow, banishment, and pyschic lance spells hit. This gives even more chances than you would already have with silver barbs. With Extended Spell, you can stay invisible or under the effect of blink even longer. Careful Spell can help you not nuke your friends with meteor swarm. Everything else, though, is getting reduced to ash.

That’s my top 10! How about some nice monsters to use them on?

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