Yetis are nasty business in D&D 5e.  For their CR, they are one of the stronger monsters players can face.  Key to its power is its chilling gaze:

Yeti Stat Block

Paralyze isn’t going to go well for the PCs.  The Paralyze condition grants advantage on attack roles against a paralyzed creature. Additionally, any attack that hit deals critical damage against a paralyzed target. 

Here’s the stat block for the yeti.


These are the components that can be harvested from the yeti.

  • Yeti Pelt – A tough hide thickly coated in coarse white fur.
  • Yeti Eyes – Icy blue eyes with rectangular pupils.

Harvesting Components:

Yeti Fur Coat
I asked Bing Copilot to draw me a picture of an elf wearing a white fur coat, and that’s what I got. Our policy on AI art.
  • Yeti Hide – The pelt of the yeti is relatively easy to harvest.  The player makes a DC 10 Medicine or Survival Check.  On a successful check the PC collect 4 units of Yeti Pelt. On a failed check, the PC collects 2 units of Yeti Pelt.  If the check is failed by 5 or more, the pelt is ruined and none is collected.
  • Yeti Eye – The eyes of the yeti are unstable, making them much more difficult to collect.  The player must pass a DC 17 Medicine or Survival Check.  On a successful save, the PC collects the intact eyes of the yeti.  On a failed save, the eyes are destroyed.  If the PC fails the save by more than 5, they suffer the same effects as if they were the target of the yeti’s Chilling Gaze.

Craftabel Items:

  • Boots of the Winterlands – See the Basic Rules, p. 156.
  • Yeti Cloak – You have immunity to cold damage.  You can tolerate temperatures as low as -100 degrees without any additional protection.  You have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth Checks made to hide in snowy terrain.
  • Potion of Chilling Gaze – After drinking this potion, you can use an action to target one creature you can see within 30 feet.  If the target can see you, it must make a DC 15 con save, or take 3d6 cold damage and then be paralyzed for 1 minute, unless it is immune to cold damage.  The target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of it’s turns, ending the effect on a success.  The effect ends when you have used it three times, or when 1 hours has passed.

Crafting Items:

  • Boots of the Winterlands – 1 unit of yet pelt can be made int a pair of these boots can be in 8 hours. A set of cobbler’s tools is required to make them.
  • Yeti Cloak – 2 units of yeti hide can be turned into a yeti cloak in four hours.  A set of leatherworker’s tools is required to make the cloak.
  • Potion of Chilling Gaze – This potion can be crafted over eight hours.  An herbalists kit or poisoners kit is required to brew this potion.

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