Sad Little Girl Kohoutek
Vexia Kohoutek art Courtesy of RuckeySquad

When the coliseum was created, Sad Little Girl was part of the audience provided by Verasundia, the celestial patron who enabled Voivode Kohoutek to construct the Coliseum. Caught in the thrall of the Goddess, and presssed into service as spectators in the coliseum, these beings suffer a harsh life living on the meager concessions available in the Coliseum. Most of the creatures earned the retribution of the goddess. In Sad Little Girls Case, through no fault of her own.

Sad Little Girl distinguished herself as a fan among fans as the primary supporter and heckler of an Elvish contestant name Kotetsu. He was prone to dramatic failures in combat. Oddly enough, the strange mixture of abuse and support from Sad Little Girl often rallied him to victory. They developed a close relationship, but sadly she watched him die in the arena, the victim of a Pit Fiend.

Voivode’s First Adoptive Daughter

Voivode admired the young girls zeal for the contestants of the Coliseum. He moved her from living in the stands with the rest of the riff raff that Verasundia had provided. Voivode gave her a home, a role in the Coliseum, and a surname. Sadly, due to the tendency of PCs not to as for the names of NPCs, Sad Little Girl’s given name remains unknown to this day.

Sad Little Girl Kohoutek as an Arena Master

As an Arena Master, Sad Little Girl Kohoutek spurs the monsters on to greater feats of villainy. Under normal Coliseum rules, downed contestants are no longer targets. But Sad Little Girl is desperate to add the souls of fallen adventurers to her adoptive father’s collection. While she is in charge, monsters are free to finish off fallen champions.

Join us in the Dungeonsports Coliseum, and see the havoc that Sad Little Girl can wreak!

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