The Book of Many Things more than a few really powerful items. I’ve already written an article about the Sword of Planes, although it rightly deserves mention of in this article as well.  It is an incredibly powerful item, and great for traveling and storytelling as well. Here are a few more:

Powerful Items
Spindle of Fate art from The Book of Many Things.

Antimagic Armor

Just what it sounds like.  This armor lets you cast antimagic field.  This is an incredibly powerful spell and goes a long way towards protecting melee fighters from a lot both from magic users and from magic weapons.  Just remember, their own magic armor and weapons will be powered down as well. Plan accordingly.

Jester’s Mask

The jester’s mask gives sorcerers and warlocks a +3 bonus to their magic stats and gives them a few other nasty abilities as well.  Stacked up with bloodwell vials or rod of the pact keeper, the PC could be at a +6 on those spell attack rolls before considering any other bonuses.

Spindle of Fate

The spindle of fate is not as outright powerful as the other items I’ve listed here, but it gives you a lot of interesting abilities. You can use charges from it to increase or decrease your initiative. This allows you to better position your caster in the turn order for tactical advantage. You can also mark targets, giving you the ability to track them and deal additional damage. Lastly, you get the ability to change flip the outcomes of attacks and saving throws.

Winged Ammunition

This ammunition ignores 1/2 and 3/4 cover. It also ignores the disadvantage imposed by shots made at long range. Your enemies may never even see your ranger before they get dropped.

If you’re looking for suggested prices for magic items, we’ve got them!

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